You can vote for the candidates you would like below. Each registered user can vote in several candidates, but can only send his vote once per coin.Users will need to pay 10 LBXP per candidate on their vote (20 LBXP will be deducted if they vote on 2 candidates).

The voting will be open for an indefinite time for the currency to be listed, it will be necessary to have 10,000 votes

For your currency to participate in the voting fill out our form "Click here"

Coin LBXP Payment Address Votes
X42 - x42 Protocol LMSeVd3b9fNJRTpATdkoLBf7kLo4tXky4X 5 Login to vote
POS - POS ( Proof of Stake ) LXtSmVjVdgT77HvgpPYfdtcwb9Gbv3m7dU 2 Login to vote
QBS - Qbase LfnXmJUACkBGxdDdPindqzBa6QLDc4xECV 1 Login to vote
WCC - WolfCloverCoin LgBPMiaeMyyaPG4ac2Bkg3rWgQTKZcfNxA 0 Login to vote
LKR - LKRcoin LaNFrS6fHUY2ojFM3Goc5WTSeRGCoFnMnD 0 Login to vote
XARI - Xaria LUkQA8m4Qu4sbrNQyhhgyp67zsn3Pn57XT 0 Login to vote
EGX - Egame X LhjiAWPTi1uAW7zFvStfTcfmpzFBGnDrXn 0 Login to vote
ONION - DeepOnion LPzW1wfzzdFa14bxjerBW3kuzE5sXPrtkq 1 Login to vote
NBR - Niobio Cash LiEnix3XiT4Pt7YCU6XGctdgf5G5GA43A1 1 Login to vote
LSR - Leisure LiFnNwPU2mnAsHA9eETP7bZ8wABiu1x4hk 92 Login to vote